Larry: Mobility

Luna: Mobility

Diesel (Beagle/Pug Mix): Autism Support

Gabby: Mobility

My name is Auzz.  I have been helping my dad for over 10 years.  He has quite a few medical issues and it is my job to keep him safe so that he can still go camping and fishing in the rugged mountains throughout Wyoming.  That is our favorite thing to do.  Sometimes dad gets lost and I take him back to his truck.  Sometimes he falls down and I help him up.  Sometimes he can't hear wild animals approaching; I alert him so he can do what he needs to do to be safe.  I also tell him when other people are approaching.  My dad says I am the best dog in the world and he couldn't continue the outdoor experience without me.  He is beginning to think about training one of my doggie sisters to take over when I retire, but I will be there to show her the ropes.

Auzz: Medical

Hi, I am Atarrah, you met me on the home page.  I was a WalMart parking lot giveaway when I was very young.  I was intended to go to work for an Autistic little girl.  Her mom worked very hard to train me all my basic stuff.  However, as hard as I tried to make the little girl like me, her and I could never quite bond together.  So her mom donated me to Wyoming Service Dogs.  Now my mom is Marchia Johansen, one of WSDs founders, and I am the Spokes Dog for Wyoming Service Dogs.  Mom has trained me to do lots of tasks that help people with mobility issues.  You can meet me in person at seminars and public demonstrations.

Hello. My name is Larry, if you don’t already know (I’m kind of a big deal). My human and I frequent the Capitol to lobby for social programs that benefit older Wyoming citizens. I also serve as a “therapy dog” to the legislators (Rubbing elbows with politicians. Didn’t I say I was a big deal?). I also visit the cancer center every week with my human. They all know me there too. At home I help my human with the laundry; I can take things out of the dryer and pull the basket. In my down-time I like to cuddle and play with my new doggie-siblings. You may think I’m a dog whose got it all figured out, but even a big deal like me can be uncertain when in new places. I gotta keep my human safe, you know? Usually my big sister will let me know everything is secure and I warm right up. 

Hi Everybody! My name is Molly and I am a PTSD Service dog. I try very hard to do my job well, but I am still young and very spirited. It’s not my fault the world is so fascinating! My mommy is very patient with me while I try to focus on being the best dog I can be. I am already very good at waking mommy up when she has nightmares, making sure she gets fresh air, calming here when she begins to get stressed and (of course) cuddling! I can only improve from here, right?

Molly: PTSD

​​​Hi there! My name is Diesel and I am a service dog for a very sweet young girl. We spend a lot of time at day care where we get to play with lots of other children during the day. I sure love our time at day care! (I used to love hiking my leg on things, but my human’s mommy doesn’t seem to like it as much so I’ve stopped) I am very good at keeping my human calm when she gets anxious, and I know when to go find mommy if we need her. If you or anyone you know suffers from anxiety, consider a dog like me. We are very good at comforting and even better at cuddling!

Howdy folks! My name is Gabby and I am a Mobility Service Dog. I’m originally from Kansas, where I served time in prison! I didn’t do anything bad of course, I was trained there by the prisoners to help them gain job skills. Thanks to the great job they did, I got to become a Certified Service Dog! I help stabilize my mommy when she walks, and if she falls down, I help her back up. One time she fell while getting out of the car and was unconscious, so I laid on top of her to keep her warm while someone got help. I’ve been doing this a long time and am almost ready to retire. Soon life will be no work and all play for me! And if mommy gets a new Service Dog, you can bet I’ll be there to make sure he does a good job. 

Atarrah: Mobility

Hi everybody, my name is Luna.  My mom has MS and I am with her everywhere.  I help her by opening and closing doors and draws, bringing things to her when she needs them, picking things up if she drops them and I take care of her when she travels.  When she has a bad MS day, I comfort her and do whatever I can to help her feel better.  Oh, by-the-way I am a Pitt Bull.