Molly and Me

Our Story of Healing and Hope

Updated Fall 2016

Because of my amazing Post Traumatic Stress Dog (PTSD) Service Dog Molly, I have a beautiful life now that I enjoy tremendously.  It’s been a year since she came to live with me, and the difference between now and a year ago is mind-blowing. 

Maybe you or someone you love is struggling with the challenges of life with a disability.  Know that there is hope.  Service dogs really can transform lives.  I’d like to share with you how Molly changed my life.

Imagine if you can for a moment what my life was like before Molly.  There was not an aspect of my life that wasn’t seriously impacted by my severe ptsd.  I was totally incapacitated by it at all times, every moment of every day - unable to leave my home, go to church, work, shop, anything.  I was completely not even myself any more.  I could barely function with the simplest of tasks.  I really didn’t know what I was going to do.

One year later, I love life and the possibilities it holds!  My zest for life is back, and nothing holds me down.  Molly and I go everywhere together to all the places I used to love to go, especially church.  The tasks she’s trained to do for me help me to go out in public places again.  And now I’ve even started to take karate classes, something I never could have done before! 

But not only can I do things I couldn’t do before without her, this process and all she does for me has changed me and helped me to heal.  More and more I’m beginning to feel like the person I used to be. 

With Molly’s help, I was able to study through a scholarship to the School of Modern Herbal Medicine to become a Certified Emotional Healing Coach, and she went with me to St. George, UT for a weekend workshop for that.  The school even made her an honorary Certified Emotional Healing Coach when I graduated and gave her a certificate to match mine.

But our biggest accomplishment is that I’ve been able to become self-employed, starting my own business, Spirit of the Bear LLC, a dream come true.  I work using my skills as an ARCB Certified Reflexologist, a Master Herbalist, and a Certified Emotional Healing Coach.   I also have an online Etsy store for my handmade crafts and am a member of the “Made in Wyoming” program. 

PTSD is always going to be something I will have to live with and manage like all disabilities, but to all those struggling with disabilities, I want you to know that there is hope!  With a service dog, you truly can find a new “normal” and live in ways you couldn’t have imagined to be possible. 

And to those whose donations and support helped make it possible for me to have Molly and for others to have the same life-transforming benefits of a service dog, too, thank you for the gift of a new hope, a new beginning, a new and beautiful life! 

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!  You’ve helped to make all of this possible for me and Molly and given us a great new life together!     

Molly Palmer writes:

Last night Luna was put to the test.  She attended the MS Society's Closer to a Cure banquet.  She did a wonderful job maneuvering through the crowds meeting lots of new friends and even spent some time on stage.  I couldn't be prouder of her and the training we have done.  Thank you Marchia for all your training expertise.   Posted Nov 25, 2015